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Target Audiences
For An Elevator Pitch

Link To The Elevator Pitch Essentials Home PageThe prototypical audience for an Elevator Pitch is a Venture Capitalist. However, an Elevator Pitch can be any potential backer of an idea.


You should deliver your Elevator Pitch to anyone — ranging from angel investors to corporate investment committees — who can provide the money you need to get your idea off the ground.


Every project needs a set of supporters — ranging from team members to sponsors to advisors — and an Elevator Pitch is a great way to quickly acquaint people with what you are doing.


Often, you need to recruit business partners who can help you bring your product to market. An Elevator Pitch often makes a great way to start off such a conversation.

Press & Analysts

The press and analysts will help you spread your message, but they are very busy. As a result, you must first get their attention and then equip them with a concise description of your product or ser-vice that they can use when talking to others.


One of the best places to start any sales pitch is with a statement that explains to the listener why they should pay attention to what you are going to say.

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