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Forms An Elevator Pitch Can Take

Link To The Elevator Pitch Essentials Home PageThe classic Elevator Pitch is delivered in spoken form. However, the basic flow and logic of your Elevator Pitch should be consistent with your other marketing pieces.

Summary Sentence

Every piece of sales and marketing collateral that you create, regardless of whether it is being used to sell a deal or a product, should contain a one-sentence description (c. 15-30 words) of your venture. Of course, this one-sentence description should be in sync with your Elevator Pitch.

One Paragraph Summary

As you progress, you will need a one-paragraph summary (c. 100 words) that describes your venture and that can be pasted into the programs of conferences and added to the bottom of your press releases. This one-paragraph summary should be consistent with the longer form of your Elevator Pitch.


As your venture grows and you reach the point where you have something to sell, you will need to develop a tagline; a short description of what you do and the value you deliver. Of course, this tagline should be consistent with and reinforce the key messages that are contained in your Elevator Pitch.

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