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Elevator Pitch Style Tips

Link To The Elevator Pitch Essentials Home PageIn a perfect world, substance would trump style. The problem is that we don’t live in a perfect world. As a result, if you want to be successful, you must take into account this. The style in which a message is delivered has a tremendous influence over whether people pay attention to — and believe — the substance of a message. As a result, you should keep these style tips in mind.

Think Bullets, Not Paragraphs

While you are fascinated by your venture, your audience isn’t likely to be (at least not at first). As a result, they are unlikely to pay close attention to what you are saying. Instead, they will just listen for the key points of your message; the things that really stand out. As a result, when communicating your message (in either spoken or written words), your key points must stand out from everything else you are saying.

Memorize It & Rehearse It

There are two ways to make sure that people will not pay attention to your Elevator Pitch. The first is to just read your Elevator Pitch off of a piece of paper. The second is to stumble through your delivery of it. Given that you will deliver your Elevator Pitch hundreds of times during the process of getting your venture started, you should memorize it from the start. In addition to improving the odds people will actually listen to you, this will also ensure that different people receive a consistent message.

Go Easy On The Hype

While it’s important to be enthusiastic about your venture, investors tend to be experienced, skeptical, and analytical. As a result, if you lay on the hype too thick and overstate your case, then you are more likely than not just going to look na´ve.

Don’t Try To Close Too Quickly

It’s true that no sales pitch is complete unless you ask for the sale. However, getting someone to invest in or back your venture is a process. As a result, it is not appropriate to ask for the sale immediately after delivering your Elevator Pitch. Instead, the time to close the sale is after you have delivered your Investor Presentation

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