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Elevator Pitch FAQ

Link To The Elevator Pitch Essentials Home PageListed below are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about the Elevator Pitch.

What is an Elevator Pitch?
A quick definition of an Elevator Pitch is as follows...

An Elevator Pitch is an overview of a product, service, project, person, or other thing and is designed to get a conversation started.

Why do I need an Elevator Pitch?
You need an Elevator Pitch for one reason: time. Most people are extremely busy and simply won't give you much time to get their attention. As a result, you must get your point across in an extremely rapid manner.

What is the purpose of an Elevator Pitch?
The purpose of an Elevator Pitch is to get the attention of the person you are talking to and convince them to keep talking to you.

How long should it take to deliver an Elevator Pitch?
In general, the less time the better. More often than not, that means 30 seconds or less (the time-span of the typical elevator ride). However, in some cases an Elevator Pitch can run as long as one or two minutes.

What are the characteristics of an
effective Elevator Pitch?
An effective Elevator Pitch is nine things...

1. Concise
2. Clear
3. Compelling
4. Credible
5. Conceptual
6. Concrete
7. Customized
8. Consistent
9. Conversational

For more information about The Eight C's, see the essay entitled Elevator Pitch 101.

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